CE EMC LVD FCC 2g 3g 5g small ozone/ozone generator/ozone purifier

CE EMC LVD FCC 2g 3g 5g small ozone/ozone generator/ozone purifier

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We produce all kinds of ozone generator and oxygen generator: Quartz tube kit ozone generator: Service life over 12000 hours, for air or water; 500mg-300g/h; Ceramic tube kit ozone generator: Service life over 20000 hours, for air or water; 3g-60g/h; Ceramic plate kit ozone generator: Service life over 8000 hours, for air; 3.5g-70g/h; PSA oxygen generator: Service life over 20000 hours, for air or water; 3L-60L/min; If you need any more information, please contact us. Quartz tube kit ozone generator service life over 12000 hours, what is this concept? Please enter the dry clean air or oxygen; If you use the ozone generator 2 hours/day, 12000/2/365 = 16 years; If you use the ozone generator 15 minutes/day, 12000/0.25/365 = 131 years; 131 years, yes, you know, 131 years; If you choose <****5PCS>, we will send them in a box (5 sets of ozone generator kits) to you through EMS (EMS/DHL/FEDEX/UPS, 3-15days, we will choose the courier company according to the needs;) Style 1: BO-5QNAOS; Product parameters: Input voltage: AC200V-AC240V / AC100V-AC120V; (Please leave a message) Output voltage: AC2.5KV; Gas source: Air source, oxygen source; Cooling: Air cooling; Output power: 50w (adjustable); Ozone generating tube size: 13.5*5.2*5.3cm; Power source size: 11.2*4.7*5.2cm ; Weight: 0.45kg; Style 2: BO-5QNAO; Product parameters: Input voltage: AC200V-AC240V / AC100V-AC120V; (Please leave a message) Output voltage: AC2.5KV – 3.5KV; Gas source: Air source, oxygen source; Cooling: Air cooling; Output power: 60w (adjustable); Ozone generating tube size: 13.5*5.2*5.3cm; Power source size: 15.2*7.2*6.8cm; Weight: 0.9kg; Style 3: BO-5QNAM; Product parameters: Input voltage: AC200V-AC240V / AC100V-AC120V; (Please leave a message) Output voltage: AC2.5KV; Gas source: Air source, oxygen source; Cooling: Air cooling; Output power: 40w; Ozone generating tube size: 13.5*5.2*5.3cm; Power source size: 13.8*5.7*4.1cm; Weight: 0.6kg; Power features: designed with modular encapsulation, moisture-proof, waterproof. The power characteristics: This circuit uses IGBT drive chip control, work stability; Stable and reliable, with overcurrent and overvoltage protection, open circuit protection. Accessories: long time work discharge tube low temperature (higher than ambient temperature about 10 degrees), stability of ozone concentration in air. Work on No external pressure tube, safety design… Quartz tube ozone generator characteristics: Quartz tube components: 99.9% silica, strong hardness, high temperature resistant, low expansion coefficient, high thermal shock resistance, chemical stability and good electrical insulation properties. High efficiency: the narrow discharge gap 0.5MM, ozone and high conversion rate, low noise. Low power consumption: high voltage discharge, power consumption rate of 6 – 10KW.h/kgO3 high voltage: tube voltage only the breakdown voltage of 1/5,high dielectric constant. High quality: dielectric materials with high temperature sintering, high purity silica quartz material with high precision, uniform discharge, 316L stainless steel electrode and tight firmware, PTFE valve, corrosion-resistant high-purity fluorine rubber ring seal, external cooling using the new sun flower aluminum alloy cooling technology, the effective heat dissipation, long time work ozone ultra-low decay < 1/10, long service life, up to 12000 hours. The disinfection time: Air sterilization: when you can smell the ozone gas, it has reached the disinfection effect; (daily starting 15 minutes is enough) For water disinfection, we suggest that the boot for 1 hour, and then shut down for 1 hour, and then automatically boot… (using the timer, according to the need to adjust) According to the space, humidity, temperature difference, working time is not the same, but don’t worry, you can adjust them according to need, if 1 hours did not reach the expected effect, you can add 0.5 hours… Product features: Air disinfection, air purification, deodorization, taste removal, in addition to smoke, in addition to formaldehyde, in addition to benzene, aeration, speed up your metabolism, to prevent bird flu, to increase the immunity; Water disinfection, water purification, sterilization, decoloring, remove phenol, cyanide, iron, manganese and reduce COD, BOD; Product application: School, home, hospital, office, hotels, shopping malls, public places, central air conditioning pipeline disinfection, pharmaceutical factory, packaging, food processing plants, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, conference rooms, locker rooms,livestock and poultry breeding,edible fungus cultivation,indoor plants grow,indoor vegetable… Product function: 1. Sterilization: destroy variety of bacteria & viruses efficiently without secondary pollution. 2. Detoxification: effectively remove the residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits. 3. Deodorization: eliminate mould, smoke etc. 4. Oxygen increasing: improve the oxygen level for air and water. 5. Health: air purification, expedite human metabolis. Remark: #1: If you are from Europe or Brazil, when you place an order, please leave a message: Value Added Tax NO. (Europe: EORI;Brazil: CNPJ NO. (the company) or CPF NO. (private)); #2: Delivery time: (China post air mail;) (1) Transportation developed countries is about 5-25 days; (2) Remote countries is about 45 days; (3) Remote area is about 45 days; #3: Instruction: The shipping time is depends on the buyer’s customs clearance time or Force Majeure. If buyer does not receive the goods in a long time, we hope buyer can contact your customs or local express company (or post office), in order to get goods soon. About the declared value: It is well known that many countries tax is expensive, therefore, we will fill out the declared value: $10; However, If you need us to fill in the real value of goods, please leave a message to us; If you have any questions, please leave a message to us, we will reply your message within 24 hours; 1200 people buy air purifier every day all over the world, there are 725 people to choose our products____BlueOcean; this is not a myth, and more and more people are choosing to experience our products and you, this is a good phenomenon, because we need to give our children and parents a good environment; BlueOcean give you what you want; BlueOcean wish you a happy life Thank you

Main function of ozone: 1#: Food purification; To decompose the residual chemical fertilizer, pesticides and other toxic substances in fruits, vegetables and foodstuff; Remove the antibiotics, chemical additives, hormones and other harmful substances in the meat, eggs, kill Halophilic bacteria in the seafood; 2#: Drinking water purification: The tap water after ozone treating is a kind of high quality drinking water; Injecting ozone gas in every 1 liter tap water for 2 minutes, can to remove the residual chlorine, taste and heavy metals in water, and up to the level of sterilization and disinfection. To prevent the formation of trichloromethane (CHCl3), increase the oxygen content in the water to be the ideal of pure drinking water. 3#: Disinfection and Sterilization for dining utensils; Put the washed dining utensils into the ozonated water for 20 minutes to remove residual detergent. To kill Bacteria and virus to instead of the normal disinfection cabinet; avoiding the utensils of infectious diseases, also be used for disinfection for clothing, towels, rags and socks. 4#. Air purification: Hang the ozone exhaust pipe 1.7 meters above, keeping the ozone emission 20–30 minutes to remove indoor smoke and dust, decoration odour. Increase the oxygen content in the air, clean air. Let you enjoy the fresh at home like the air after the rain in forest (applied family, office, conference rooms, entertainment and others public place for smoke or dust or taste removal and disinfection); 5#: fruits and vegetables fresh keeping, mildew proof: inject the ozone gas in the bag of fruits or vegetables for 2 hours, can extand the freshness date 7 days. And also cab be used for mildew proof of vegetable cellar, fruit and vegetable transportation. FAQ: 1.What is Ozone? – Ozone is active oxygen,O3. It occurs naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere to protect us from the Sun’s harmful rays. 2. How long has Ozone been used to purify water? – Since the late 1800’s. 3. How long has Ozone been used to purify pool & SPA water and remove odors from the air? – Over 50 years. 4. How does Ozone used for water purification, affect the air we breathe? – The amount of Ozone produced by an Ozone Generator is insignificant to the normal atmosphere we live in. Excess ozone quickly converts back to oxygen. NOTE: DO NOT BREATHE CONCENTRATED OZONE 5. Is the Ozone the same as “SMOG” – No! “Smog” is air pollution created by combustion polluters. While smog contains small amounts of ozone, it is largely composed of harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide. In fact, Smog and other pollutants may contribute to the damage of the “Ozone Layer”. 6. If I use Ozone in my pool or SPA, will I help to replenish the ” Ozone Layer”? – No. It takes such tiny amount of Ozone to effectively purify water that any molecules breaking free into the air are insignificant. 7. Will Ozone hurt me? – No! In the quantities necessary to be effective, Ozone is very gentle to humans and equipment in the water. NOTE DO NOT BREATHE CONCENTRATED OZONE 8. Does Ozone have an odor? – Yes. Depending on the concentration, the odor ranges from slightly sweet to moderately antiseptic. 9. Will Ozone kill bacteria? – Yes. It is one of the most effective, complete bactericides of all Earth’s measurable elements. 10. How is Ozone different from Chlorine? – In the quantities needed for water purification, it has no noticeable order, taste or color. It is not irritating to humans or equipment. Ozone purifies water and air very quickly and efficiently, 3000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone leaves no by-products except pure oxygen. In contrast, chlorine leaves a chemical by-product called hydrochloric acid and additional salts in water applications. 11. Will Ozone kill viruses? – Yes. Ozone kills virtually all known forms of viruses in water and air. 12. Will Ozone reduce scum lines and foaming in SPAS? – Yes, with proper filtration it should completely eliminate them. 13. How is Ozone produced? – Ozone can be produced in a number of different ways, however the most common method is via Ultraviolet Light Generation. 14. How does Ultraviolet light generation work? – A special lamp gives off a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light, which converts Oxygen (O2) molecules into Active Oxygen, Ozone (O3) molecules. This all occurs instantly inside the Ozone chamber in the Ozone Generator. 15. How does Corona Discharge Generation work? – Ozone is produced by passing air through a high voltage electrical discharge, or corona. A minimum of 5,000 volts of electricity is necessary to create the corona. Air or concentrated oxygen dried to a minimum of -60° C dew point passes through the corona which causes the O2, bond to split, freeing two O1 atoms which then collide with other O2 molecules to create ozone. The ozone/gas mixture discharged from the CD ozone generator normally contains from 1% to 3% ozone when using dry air, and 3% to 6% ozone when using high purity oxygen as the feed gas. 16. Can Ozone damage my pool or SPA equipment? – No. In fact it is very gentle to spas, pools, and equipment. Applied properly, ozone is more gentle than any other water purifier in existence. 17. Can the Ozone in my pool irritate skin or eyes like chlorine in pools? – No! Ozone is very gentle to skin and eyes. 18. How long will Ozone last in my pool or SPA water? – Scientific theory states that Ozone has a half life of about 22 minutes in water. However recent tests have proven that a measurable residual can be found after several hours in clean water. 19. Will water temperature affect Ozone? – Wide variations in pool water temperature will affect how well the ozone works. An OZONE GENERATOR should be designed and sized for maximum water temperature and bather load. 20. Will Ozone affect my PH? – Ozone is pH neutral. It will not adversely affect the pH. 21. Do I still have to filter the water as often? – Yes. Because impurities are constantly being introduced into the water and the Ozone is constantly destroying them, the microscopic remains will need to be filtered out of the water. Shipment: 1 The shipment is free shipping via EMS. We will automatically select the most appropriate way of logistics for you. 2 Delivery time: (1) Transportation developed countries is about 3-7 days; (2) Remote countries is about 5-15 days; 3 Instruction:The shipping time is depends on the buyer’s customs clearance time or Force Majeure. If buyer does not receive the goods in a long time, we hope buyer can contact your customs or local express company, in order to get goods soon. Tax: Paying tax is the duty of every citizen, buyer need to responsible for the all of taxes. Due to the tax problem, buyer refuse to receive the goods, buyer needs to be responsible for freight out and the cost of products. Feedback: 1 We depend on our customers` satisfaction to succeed. Therefore, your feedback is extremely important to us. 2 If you are satisfied with our items, please give us a positive feedback. We will leave a positive feedback to you later. 3 Contact us by e-mail or our trade manager: Mervin , before leaving any negative or neutral feedback. We will deal with you to solve any problems as soon as possible. We work 7 Days a week at 8:00 – 18:00 from Monday – Sunday Beijing Time. Wish you have a great shopping experience here!

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